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Automatic Transmission Repair

Diagnosis steps of your automatic transmission

Transmission repairs at our Lake Worth Shop begin with a no obligation, complimentary diagnostics testing procedure where we thoroughly examine your transmission and accurately identify the problems your vehicle is having. Often we have customer's that come in for repairs for their car or truck and we find out that the transmission only requires minor repairs such as leaks or parts within the transmission to be corrected. In some vehicles the problems may require additional work. Our shop’s service manager will review with you what the drive test and diagnostics tests indicate to get your car back to safe, reliable performing transportation.

Repair steps of your automatic transmission

Once we have your approval to begin work, The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop’s ASE Certified builders and mechanics thoroughly clean all debris and contaminants from the transmission case. The repair job proceeds with reassembling your transmission with the highest quality parts as specified by your car's manufacturer and in many cases upgraded parts will be used as manufacturers often identify issues with original parts and make improvements. Your new transmission may be even better than the original and improve the life and operation of your car or truck’s transmission operation and life.

The final touches require a full cooling system flush that wipes out debris from the circulation system using heat and alternating flow pressure. This is important to assure you don’t have contaminants re-entering the system.

Your new transmission is then installed into your vehicle by our CST ASE certified technicians. A quality assurance testing takes place with a road test, hoist check and computer scanning process. Our repair and testing phases are done with meticulous attention to detail to make sure you have a well performing car or truck for a long time of driving.This is why Palm Beach residents rely on and trust our shop more than any other in the county for the past few decades.

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