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Mercedes transmission repair and service at our Lake Worth shop.

Common transmission repairs and problems with Mercedes model cars.

The Mercedes Benz first rolled off the lines in 1926 as a luxury model car and today is now manufactured by and part of the DaimlerChrysler corporation. The overall quality of the Mercedes Benz is very good but may have got knocked down a notch after Chrysler took over. The transmission in the mercedes has had great innovations this decade such as the 7G Tronic Plus 7 speed for the CL 216 model cars. This transmission has less convertor slip and friction in the gears and also provides better fuel milage. Even more efficient than the first series of this transmission, the optimized 7G allows lower engine speed when in economy mode which also gives the car better MPG. .

Mercedes transmission repair in Lake Worth

But as in every car their are deficiencies that eventually cause repairs but some transmission failures are just failsafe modes to protect it. Sometimes your transmission will do this and you will only be able to use second gear and reverse. This happens when the sensors from the input valve don't coincide with the valve body sensors in the transmission. This repair is usually due to a brake light switch, wiring harness connector, the mass air flow sensor or shift module. The first thing we check is your transmission fluid level to see if that is the cause.

Trouble shifting can be caused by fluid levels, the connector adapter plug or low fluids. If none of these easy fixes remedy the problem then you could have something a little more serious.

The 722.6 New Automatic Gearbox transmission has had the most problems often found in the E class models and models from 1998 to 2006. Symptoms include tousle shifting and grinding sounds. Make sure you protect your shifter inside the car from rain or liquids as the insulation around this shifter is inadequate.

Also electrical problems are a very common problem that we repair for this Mercedes Benz transmission. The good news is that they are not costly repairs and we don't have to disassemble your transmission when you bring it into our technicians at The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop. The Valve body conductor plate sensor fails and needs to be removed. The valve body is taken out and then we replace the defective plate and sensor.

The conductor plug leak is common and if we diagnose this transmission problem we will take apart the transmission control module (TCM) and clean it, replace the conductor plug and clean the wiring harness. Often we have seen instances where water has gotten into the transmission fluid and this is a more serious problem if you don't catch it in time.

Our technicians are experts in Merecedes Benz transmission service and repair. Bring your car into our Lake Worth shop or if you live south in Broward County visit The Fort Lauderdale Transmission Repair Shop or the Coral Springs Transmission Repair Shop. We have been in business for over three decades and you will always get a fair price for only what your car needs to get you back in safe running condition.