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Common transmission repairs and problems with Toyota model cars.

Toyota is a very good car manufacturer but like any car it has a history of transmission failures that need repair. Here are some common problems with Toyota transmissions and what we do to make repairs.

The Toyota Corolla from the early 2000's have had gear box seizures and gears not shifting. Often the gear box needs replacing and in some cases the solenoid or torque converter needs replacing. Bearing wear is also a common problem as well as worn clutches needing repair within the system. We replace all these parts with manufacture parts and according to Toyota specifications.

The Camry has had issues not being able to shift at higher speeds after putting on over 120,000 miles on the car. This is modally due to a bad solenoid which is not a costly repair compared with more serious problems. If the gears become hard to shift usually the check balls become displaced. Other repairs with the Camry from the 1990's are throttle position sensor, and shift solenoid.

Toyota transmission repair in Lake Worth

Toyota Avalons usually come in with slipping transmissions which have varying issues that cause the problem.

The Toyota Tacoma has had issues violently popping out of gear at different speeds because of a bad shift lever seat which is also a minor repair. Make sure you check your fluid levels with this truck as it gets older because the rear and front seals break down and you will loose fluid without knowing it. The diminished fluids cause the gears to make a grinding sound and when this happened is could also put a strain on the engine. We will do a complete system flush and replace the fluids while replacing the gaskets for you. This is important to get all the particles out of the case so there won't be more problems.

The RAV 4 transmission repairs have been mostly electronic in particular the power and electronic control modules which is the brain center of the functionality of the transmission. When this fails your shifting becomes impaired and the solenoids in the transmission are not given the correct information. When this occurs the malfunctions cause the clutches to burn out. We repair your RAV 4 by replacing the ECM and checking the solenoids as well as other parts to make sure there was no further damage and your car is safe to drive.

Our certified technicians at The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop are experts in repairing Toyota model cars and trucks so give us a call so we can get your vehicle in and correct the transmission problems you are having at the least amount of cost to you.