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Rebuilt Manual Transmission Repair in Lake Worth, Florida

The cost associated with a rebuilt manual or standard transmission at our Lake Worth shop depends on the make and model of your car or truck and the year it was made. Rebuilding a standard transmission can cost less than a new or remanufactured one depending on which components that are damaged. Finding a trustworthy and capable technician at an experienced repair shop is the most important factor. Many vehicles come into our shop needing only minor repairs on a few broken components which is much less expensive and far less than a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission. The older the car is often dictates the more costly it is to find and obtain parts. On the bright side, manual transmissions are less expensive to rebuild or repair than automatic transmissions.

rebuild manual transmission

The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop rebuilds and installs standard transmissions and remanufactured standard transmissions in cars and trucks only if the diagnosis tells us that the job requires more than inexpensive, minor repairs or component replacements like adding more fluid, O rings, bearings, worn gears, the modulator, or the reverse idler gear among some of the minor repairs we have seen over the years.

Other common problems with manual / standard transmissions are too much give in the clutch when the linkage doesn't pull the disk away from the flywheel so the gears won't disengage. In electronic transmissions often the solenoids, which control many of the transmission's functions are the cause. The torque converter's worn out needle bearings will give you a clue if it has gone bad my the noise it makes when it is engaged. These issues can be fixed without installing a rebuilt transmission or a remanufactured transmission.

In rebuilding a standard transmission, the transmission and damaged hard parts are replaced and then reassembled according to your car or truck's manufacturer's specifications. Soft parts such as the clutch, gaskets, seals, and bands are also replaced.

A remanufactured standard transmission is the same as a rebuild but slightly more in cost because the transmission is rebuilt at the factory by the manufacturer's technicians. Specialists for each manufacturer such as Honda, Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Toyota, etc. work on the transmission they are trained and experienced at rebuilding. The least desirable option is to have a used standard transmission installed into your car but their warranties are not as good as a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission.

The Lake Worth Repair Shop Transmission Repair Shop in Palm Beach county which has been operating for over three decades has the lowest prices and always the most reliable service so make sure you call and get a quote before taking your car in for service. We also give you a good warranty so you are rest assured your rebuilt or remanufactured standard transmission is safe and will last.