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Common transmission repairs and problems with Buick model cars.

Since 1899 Buick has been a leading car make with many popular models and is the oldest car brand in America that still exists today/ Buick automobiles usually have a 100,000 mile warranty on their transmissions with a lower end date according to age of the car. After that they won't cover transmission rebuilds or repairs. This includes the some of the most popular models such as the Regal, Park Avenue, LeSabre, Allure, Reatta, Century, Electra, Enclave, LaCrosse, and Skylark to the newer models like the Verano and Encore.

The Buick Lesabre transmission problems have been more prevalent from 1989 to 2006. The Solenoid which has gone bad and created issues with shifting is the most common problem. The Buick Rendezvous AWD transmission has had problems with the EPC solenoid which regulates line pressure.

Buick transmission repair in Lake Worth

From 2003 - 2008 the Buick Enclave has had transmissions fail earlier than you would expect a vehicle's transmission to expire. In particular, the 44OT4 transmission has had problems withe the modulator which causes gears slipping while accelerating, the accumulator pistons breaking on the T400 that makes shifting hard to engage, and the 4L8OE Buick transmissions sensor which also cause shifting problems. The 200C transmission were manufactured with plastic connectors and bad quality modulators that also cause shifting problems.

As with most cars, specific parts within the Buick transmission can wear out or have problems with age, especially if you fail to provide your car with regular transmission maintenance. Parts that usually need replacing within the transmission are the solenoid, torque convertor, seals, debris and shaved metal that gets into internal parts, clutches, and valves.

Often these problems can be diagnosed early to prevent a more costly repair. In that case our technicians at The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop can effect repairs by replacing the defective parts at a much lower cost to you and get you back on the road again so you will have a reliable transmission for years to come as long as you properly maintain your transmission.