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Testimonials from customer of The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop

Our customers have need loyally coming to us in the Lake Worth / Palm Beach area for decades because we do a great job and have very fair prices. Honesty and integrity are key to having a loyal following and it helps that we have the best transmission technicians and mechanics in southern Florida.

Here are some of our favorite testimonials that our customer have had to say to us over the years.
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August 19th, 1992
Thank you for a great job on my son’s Honda Civic. We thought we would have to have a whole new transmission until we contacted your shop. We felt confident after we spoke with you over the phone and decided to bring our car in. Turns out it was just a minor repair. Thank god we brought it to you guys. It’s good to know people with honesty in the auto repair business. I will recommend you to everyone.
Alberto Sanchez,
Green Acres, Florida
January 9th, 1996
I want to write to you for helping us out with our transmission repair. It was a burden on our family to have this kind of a break down happen right after Christmas and you were so helpful with the discounts and getting our cost well below what other shops quoted us. We spoke with transmission shops as far away as 200 miles to get a good price. Thank you so much and we will always remember your kindness.
Robert Hallis,
Delray Beach, Florida
November 8th, 2005
Wow, I can’t believe how you guys were there for us after the hurricane. After all that happened the past several days, then our transmission broke down. But you had our car towed in at no charge, got us back on the rode in only 2 days. Your guys were so professional and helpful and it was one of the bright spots of the past couple weeks. And thanks for beating everyone else prices. You didn’t even ask what those prices were, you just had the fairest price right up front. Thanks!
Danielle Bronson,
Palm Springs, Florida
September 16th, 2008
Dear Jorge, Thank you for being able to fix my transmission without having to put a whole new one in. You guys are great and I just wanted to send you a letter thanking you for doing such a great job and also getting our car back in a day and a half in time for our vacation. you guys are the best!
Walter Watkins,
Lake Worth, Florida
February 19th, 2010
You are are something else. You have to remember us. We set out on the road for a special Valentines Day getaway and our Chevy truck broke down. You guys got it in there and put it up on the hoist and repaired our transmission by the end of the day so we could still get to our destination and enjoy our plans. I will never forget that and I am sure you will never forget us! Ha! Thanks so much Jorge.
Buddy Amalfitano,
Boynton Beach, Florida
November 9th, 2011
I want to thank you and your guys for an outstanding job and such professionalism. Your prices were by far the best and the whole experience was great. And thanks for treating us to lunch! I’ve never had such a god experience with an auto repair before.
Louis Gallagher,
Lake Clarke Shores, Florida
June 5th, 2014
I am writing to you Jorge and your whole staff to thank you for your integrity. We called 4 transmission shops, and yours was the only one that asked to many questions that you were hopeful that the repair wouldn’t be a major one. So we brought my Ford in and sure enough you found a couple components that needed replacing which cost far less than what others were telling us. I am very grateful and I tell everyone about your shop. Thank you!
March 4th 2015
I will never forget the nightmare I had when that other shop couldn’t fix my transmission after 3 times going back. I called you guys and you took my Chrysler in and you had it back to us in perfect running order the next day. And thanks for the sympathy break you gave us in the price. Well I will never make that mistake again and you have a loyal customer for life. Thanks!
Andres Ramirez,
Lake Worth, Florida