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What if my "check engine" light comes on?

Advice from The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop.

The dreaded "Check Engine" Light comes on and your heart sinks. We lets consider this… If that light did not come on you would be facing serious problems with your powertrain or other possible repairs if that warning to get your car in for service wasn't there to help you out. We all have thought I am just going to ignore it or if it goes out you feel relieved. Well, unless it is the gas cap that triggered this alert it is best to get your car in for inspection and diagnostics to a mechanic or technician you trust. "Trust" being the key word here. Call The Lake Worth Transmission Shop for a recommendation of trustworthy general repair shops in our area.

BMW transmission repair in Lake Worth

Your auto repair shop will take the your automobile and diagnose the alerts by pulling codes from your PCM or Power-Train Control Unit which combines the Engine Control Unit (ECM) and the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and this will give you the problem within your car's system. The Power-train control module is connected to several sensors located around the car and within it's system like a network of little station managers all reporting to the main brain that everything is okay or something is wrong. .

If the diagnosis is the Transmission, you should take your automobile to a well trained, experienced and reputable transmission repair shop where they will further diagnose the problem and replace or repair the parts inside your transmission to prevent complete and costly failure. Sometimes it may just be a leak or a minor adjustment which is far better than to rebuild or replace your transmission.

This is why it is important to have a transmission shop and auto repair shop you know you can trust. The problem and only the problem will be fixed and you will prevent something worse from happening down the road.