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Transmission solenoid symptoms & repairs
at our Lake Worth shop.

Common transmission repairs and problems with solenoids.

A solenoid in a vehicle's automatic transmission is a hydraulic valve powered electronically and regulates how much fluid flows throughout an automatic transmission. This is an integral part the hydraulic system that performs shift functions in an automatic transmission unlike a manual transmission which uses a clutch to shift gears. In an automatic transmission bands and clutches do the shifting applied by fluid pressure.

A solenoid is basically a plunger that is spring loaded and wrapped with a coil of wire. The speed and engine sensors evaluate the information provided by the movement of the car and the ECU (Engine Control Unti) or TCM (Transmission Control Unit) makes the shifting up or down by signaling the several solenoids to perform their function.

Solenoid problems and repair at Lake Worth shop

When your solenoid malfunctions, here are the symptoms you will discover as the operator of the vehicle.

Transmission solenoids and solenoid packs have a wide range in price depending on your car or truck. The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop can give you a fair price for parts and labor and make sure you get the best part as recommended by your manufacturer. The best way to avoid having repairs to your transmission's solenoids is to flush your system regularly and make sure you use the proper transmission fluid according to you make and model specifications.