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Rebuilt Automatic Transmission Repair in Lake Worth, Florida

An automatic rebuilt transmission is an alternative to replacing your old transmission. In Lake Worth there are some repair shops that will provide estimates on this service, and since the labor involved is the largest part of the total cost, our shop usually has the best rates and quality service. Always call around and get prices from reliable repair shops that has been around for awhile and have a good reputation.

A remanufactured transmission costs more than a rebuilt transmission because it is built at a factory by technicians who specialize in your make of car or truck who then have it shipped to our Lake Worth shop, for transmission repair in Palm Beach county Florida. Automatic transmissions usually run a little bit more than manual or standard transmissions to rebuild or repair. If you have a domestic model or manufacturer then your cost will be somewhat less than an import or luxury car.

rebuild automatic transmission

The competition here in Lake Worth and Palm Beach County among transmission repair shops helps keep shop owners competitive so reliability is the key when choosing a shop to rebuild your transmission. Cars from the 70's, 80's and even 90's are more expensive than newer cars because the transmission parts are more readily available in late models cars and trucks and the condition of these cars are better than older cars.

Make sure your transmission repair shop takes the time to check all your components and diagnoses the problem accurately using the PCM (Power Control Module) because many times small repairs of select parts such as adding more fluid, a broken Oil Cooler Thermostat, defective axle, electrical connection, pressure switch manifold, solenoid or clutch issue, or shaft yoke could be inexpensive fix so you won't need an entirely rebuilt transmission and can be on your way with a much smaller cost to you.

A rebuilt automatic transmission at the Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop on Military Trail West of I-95 and East of the Florida Turnpike in Palm Beach County involves a meticulous systematic procedure that our experienced technicians and mechanics have performed many times over the years.

The old transmission is removed, the torque converter is then pulled out after the transmission is detached from the motor. The hydraulic signal caller for the automatic transmission is the Valve Body. This is also removed from the automatic transmission, disassembled, and cleaned and then rebuilt. The tail shaft assembly is taken off, cleaned and rebuilt. Disassembling and rebuilding the clutch is also part of the automatic rebuilding process. We remove the front and rear servo and then we are ready to complete the rebuild phase for your vehicle's transmission with the accumulator piston and spring, rebuilding the front and rear clutch, planetary gear assembly, and front and rear servo bands.

After we reinstall the oil pan and gasket our technicians run the fluids through the system of the automatic transmission. We check the entire system to make sure your automatic transmission is rebuilt and installed properly and functioning at peak efficiency. Proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of any transmission so make sure you have us service your new transmission periodically.