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Common transmission repairs and problems with Ford model cars.

The Ford Motor Company builds its cars and parts in Ohio and Mexico among other places and Ford's cars and trucks are for the most part reliable but as the case with all cars, Ford transmissions have had their common problems. This is true especially with the Ford Explorer, especially with the early 2000 models and the most notorious one is the 2004 model. Slipping transmissions and hard to shift noisy gears are most common. Often is the case that the shift solenoid, and bands need to be replaced and then a complete system flush needs to take place. Complete failure of the transmission on the Ford Explorer is mostly due to a bad torque converter and leaky seals. Worst case scenario is to rebuild the transmission.

The Ford Fiesta and Focus have had recent problems with slipping and shuddering gears in the transmission caused by defective or poorly made clutch plates. The 2006 - 2014 Ford Fusion also has had shifting issues where the gears don't engage right away. The Powertrain control module is usually to blame but in more serious cases replacing the valve body or rebuilding the transmission is needed.

Ford transmission repair in Lake Worth

Ford issued a recall on their 2010 Ford Escape trucks for slipping transmissions but there are other issues that need addressing depending on your truck. The 5R55E Ford transmission is a five speed transmission often found in the Mercury and Lincoln models. This transmission has had solenoid failures and also overheating problems that comes with extreme use and sometimes it is recommended to get a transmission cooler to help keep the temperature down.

The Ford F-150 in the early 2000's has needed clutch repair in the back of the system and also seals wear out prematurely and need replacing. Another common repair is the clutch slave cylinder and clutch assembly. Other trucks that have unusually high transmission repairs are the F-250, F350, Econoline vans and Ford Excursions. Defective 5R110 transmissions, gear set pinions, leaky seals and other less frequently seen problems are the cause for repairs in these Ford Trucks.

The Lake Worth Transmission Repair Shop in Palm Beach County has ASE certified technicians with expertise to repair all Ford Model cars and trucks. Call us right away if you experience any unusual sounds, slipping gears, higher than usual RPM rates or leaks. We will diagnose your transmission problems and get you back on the road with the least expense as possible.